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Portbase - How the implementation of Marketo Engage contributed to the improvement of marketing efficiency and productivity

Portbase integrated Marketo Engage in their marketing strategy to ensure that an urgent campaign could be delivered as quickly as possible, as well as the improvement of efficiency and productivity of their marketing initiatives.

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As an innovative organization with a critical position in the logistic chain of the Dutch ports, Portbase is always looking for way to improve their customer journey and upsell and/or cross sell new value-added services. In addition, they wanted to find a way to improve their marketing productivity and efficiency, through cost reduction and faster campaign set-up.

On top of that, the United Kingdom left the European Union on the 31st of January in 2020. This brought many changes for trade and travel between the UK and the EU, and thus for the Dutch ports. Because of this, Portbase had to launch a Brexit campaign to inform their customers about the changes, and to make sure they would sign the contracts regarding the new legislation. Unfortunately, they were unable to do this with their current Email Service Provider tools. As a result, Portbase was looking for a solution to tackle these challenges.

Some targets Portbase was eager to achieve were:

  • Realize maximum activation and maximum use of Portbase services within the community;
  • Improve collaboration in processes of marketing, communication, and sales;
  • Empower/enable Portbase colleagues to get maximum added value from Marketo Engage in terms of best practices, knowledge building and scalability.


Portbase already worked with an email automation tool. Since this tool no longer met their automation requirements, Portbase asked Chapman Bright to work on the implementation of Marketo Engage to launch an urgent campaign as quickly as possible. By using Marketo Engage, the goals for each and every service customer could be met with the help of customized communication.

Customer Story

From launching a high urgency Brexit campaign in 2 weeks to providing a core engine to improve marketing productivity

How Chapman Bright helped Portbase in their journey of implementing Marketo Engage as their main system to provide cloneable and scalable marketing processes.


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