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Scoring for Success: How a financial services firm optimized their lead scoring

Discover how a international network of public accounting companies succesfully overcame lead management challenges by optimizing their lead scoring. The firm boasts an array of products, driving numerous new leads, but often lacks
visibility into who exhibits genuine interest in their products. The current sales process involves the handover of leads to the sales team that are not yet qualified or ready, resulting in inefficiencies. As these concerns hold the potential to hinder the company’s overall success and growth, it warranted a strategic approach to tackle them effectively.

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In considering possible solutions to the challenges outlined, several options were explored in lead management. One of the solutions was to establish more clarity on the stage of lead management for each lead. This was deemed appropriate as it would enable the firm to identify the most appropriate actions to be taken for each lead.

Furthermore, scoring algorithms were developed to determine sales readiness of leads, which helps in prioritizing leads and gives more clarity on which of the leads were more likely to convert. Implementing a scoring algorithm to identify the main solution interest area for each lead was also chosen as it would help us tailor our communication and outreach efforts to meet the specific needs of each lead.

Decreasing the cost of acquisition for solar panels by preventing unnecessary calculations and sending the right leads to sales through optimized lead management.


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