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CMFF Expert at Content Marketing Fast Forward

CMFF – Content Marketing Fast Forward 2017

The Content Marketing Fast Forward (CMFF) event was in Amsterdam on 18 May. CCMF was hosted at the Amsterdam Public Library’s theater.

Prior to the CMFF event Diederik Martens was interviewed for a guest blog on

The expert session format

The afternoon was packed with attendees for great keynotes. The morning was attended by a select group of attendees that were able to sit down with 2 of 7 international content marketing experts. The morning started with AJ Huisman and Bert van Loon inviting each expert on stage for a short introduction. The attendees could then choose one of seven expert tables to join. They could then join another expert in a second round.

Diederik’s CMFF expert sessions

Both Diederik’s expert sessions at CMFF were joined by marketers and consultants. We discussed many things, including the challenges of implementing marketing automation, growth of MarTech, integration with CRM, getting content marketing done in marketing automation, and much more.

Chris van Marion from Online Ambitie was the editor/journalist at Diederik’s table. He wrote two articles on both expert sessions Diederik hosted at CMFF. You can read his story here.


After both sessions were concluded Diederik was invited to summarize the learnings on a ‘flower’, which he then planted in the garden of key priorities for content marketing in 2017.

Berber Hoekstra also wrote an article about the morning expert sessions at CMFF on Marketingfacts. He also asked Diederik for input on the article. You can read the article here.

Check out all the photos and other CMFF content!


Diederik would like to thank AJ Huisman and Bert van Loon for inviting him to their wonderful content marketing event, which they organize with so much passion and dedication!

If you attended Content Marketing Fast Forward and were unable to join our table or if you just have a question for Diederik, let us know.

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