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Presentation at the SiriusDecisions Summit in London

At the SiriusDecisions Summit in London, Diederik shared actionable tips and tricks for marketing automation for companies in complex B2B sales. He shared his marketing automation tips and tricks from his time at Quintiq, where they use Marketo. The slides he presented at the SiriusDecisions Summit are only available when you log in on the SiriusDecisions website. But you can check this blogpost by SiriusDecisions on the Top-5 Tweet-able moments of the summit.

At first Diederik thought he would be presenting in a break-out room. He soon realized he would be presenting on the main keynote stage. Afterwards he received some great responses on his presentation at the SiriusDecisions Summit. As a result he was also asked to present on marketing automation at a channel marketing event in Berlin two months later.

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