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Agile marketing automation is a great idea for continious implementation

Agile marketing automation is the combination of agile project delivery methodologies and marketing automation. But why is this combination so great?

Agile will make sure you work on the right ideas that create value!

The first few sprints contain stories that are just required to set up a platform (e.g. users, roles, DNS, etc.) and then customize the platform (e.g. branded email templates). The sprints after can contain user training and/or the first campaigns. But even from the start we’ll be populating a backlog with great ideas that create value for your company. Together we prioritize those ideas based on business impact and effort. We then select stories for each sprint to deliver and thus continuously grow your business. Because that’s what we do! We’re basically growth hackers. And marketing automation is a growth hacker’s ideal toolbox to quickly test, deploy, and scale new and great ideas.

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