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SMOps changes name and branding to Chapman Bright

Why did we change our name?

SMOps (Sales Marketing OPerationS) started out as a gimmick. Our customers know what it is like to work with us. And they know about our core values. But the name/brand SMOps doesn’t reflect that to the outside world. So we had to change our name and branding to match our identity. Our name name is Chapman Bright (Martech Fanatics).

For Your Personal Success
We big a big deal out of helping others succeed. It might sound unexpected as consultants, but we actually share our knowledge and experience with our others. We want our customers and colleagues to grow. E.g. Only if someone knows how to work with Marketo, we can help them better leverage the platform.

Stretching the Limits
We go to great lengths to achieve success. This applies to helping our customers grow their business. But it also applies to gaining knowledge and expertise for ourselves. All of us at Chapman Bright frequently participate in key international events. This way we stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and best-practices in MarTech.

We are transparent. We are to the point. And we say what we mean. We have an open culture and share information with each other. We make sure our work for customers is properly documented and handed over to the customer.

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We at Chapman Bright stretch the limits for your personal success with MarTech.

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