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DHL Express - How DHL Express Leveraged OneInsight to Align their Sales and Marketing

DHL Express wanted to run a pilot project in order to identify and implement a tool that would enable better communication between Marketing and Sales, so they experimented with OneInsight, a low effort, and high benefit solution.

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Possible Solutions

When working to figure out what would be the best and most efficient way to share information between Marketing & Sales, a few solutions were considered. Marketo Sales Insight was a potential option; but the customer did not have a SFDC / MSD integration. This would hinder its viability in this case, as it would not work out of the box. The next option was a custom integration which would send data to their CRM system; however, this would be a very costly investment for a pilot project. Therefore, utilizing an external tool, OneInsight, was selected. This tool would enable the Lead Qualifying team to have access to the necessary Marketing information, as well as allow them to send emails from Marketo Engage. This solution would best fit their needs as well as fit within the boundaries of a pilot project.

DHL Express global looked for a pilot country, before rolling out to more than 200 countries. A country with enough digital savviness and the motivation to venture into uncharted territory. They chose The Netherlands. Marketo was one of the two platforms to make the shortlist and Chapman Bright greatly contributed to a successful POC (proof-of-concept).

DHL Express picked Marketo and asked Marketo Professional Services and Chapman Bright to work on the implementation. Marketo and DHL global IT focused on the integration with their customer data. Chapman Bright focused on unpacking the box, configuring the Netherlands, training staff, and migrating all old campaigns to the new Marketo environment.

Customer Story

Improve global employee digital savviness and enable data driven marketing decisions

Piloting marketing automation to build a library of business value generating use cases, which can then be globally rolled out.


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