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Worksheet: Define your chatbot strategy

Take advantage of the Chapman Bright Conversational Framework

The Chapman Bright Conversational Framework offers an approach to engage with your web visitors in such a way that both the visitor and yourself are satisfied with the goal achieved. It’s all about having a clear idea of your own objectives and understanding what the customer’s expectations are.

This worksheet helps you…

  1. Document the hypotheses you want to test
  2. Align stakeholders
  3. Define success

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Use the chatbot on this page to schedule a meeting with us, and we’ll briefly explain the Chapman Bright Conversational Framework and how to use this worksheet. After the meeting, you can get started with your chatbot project right away!

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We invited Lely International to join us in the Beta program for Adobe’s Dynamic Chat to be one of the first customers using this new solution.


Lely - Leveraging Conversational Marketing to enrich data, increase sales and customize experiences through Adobe’s Dynamic Chat

Read more about how we helped Lely with the implementation of Dynamic Chat on their website, to get the most out of Conversational Marketing.


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