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Planon, Marketo frontrunner in The Netherlands, outsourced projects related to GDPR, data quality, and campaign deployment to us



Though being a local Marketo frontrunner, Planon faced challenges with staff changes, GDPR roll-out, and data quality.

Next to data quality issues (e.g. weird characters in names) and complex email regulations, Planon is using the four-eyes principle to reduce mistakes and optimize processes. This means campaigns in Marketo must be approved by at least two people. Due to the temporary change in the team, another control method was needed in the form of outsourcing.


To maintain the high quality standard and to look at process improvements, Planon chose for Marketo support by Chapman Bright.

With the global office of Planon situated in The Netherlands, they’re in the lead for the global Marketo platform. The outsourcing of Marketo support gives them the chance to not only have campaign management executed, but to look at what can be better. Looking at the operational programs such as opt-in process management which meet the GDPR guidelines and assessing data quality by automated programs is important to keep delivering the high standard they’re used to.

Marit Rossing - Lead Marketing Operations “They ensured we are worldwide compliant for the new email regulations in 2018. Afterwards, they also trained our team to completely understand the processes. They showed they have great knowledge about Marketing Automation.”


All, but 56 records, of the many thousands of records were cleaned. Mail regulations implemented. After that also more than 100 Marketo landing pages were live using content AI, within two weeks.

Planon was able to outsource the go live of content AI in webinar on-demand watch pages. A process that needed to be handled with care, due to the already existing and live landing pages that had to be converted to new landing pages. Important was to check if processes aren’t interrupted and everything is well displayed on the new on-demand watch pages. The dedicated outsourcing ensured quality in the conversion of the pages. Content AI gives Planon insights into which content performs best and puts the most relevant content in front of each person looking at an on-demand webinar watch page.

Highlighted Project: Global roll-out for an optimized and GDPR proof opt-in and opt-out process for Planon

A global roll-out of a new opt-in and opt-out process ensured Planon is compliant with the new email regulations introduced in 2018. The worldwide opt-in process had to meet all opt-in regulations that can differ per country, e.g. in Germany it is required to use a double opt-in process. Marketo as a platform is able to provide this, by setting up different processes divided over automated smart campaigns. Planon was able to restructure their processes in a very organized and secure way. Afterwards, the team was trained by Chapman Bright to completely understand and manage these processes in the future.


Highlighted Project: Planon conquers the real estate and facility management market using content AI

Planon uses content AI in their webinar on-demand watch pages, which we migrated, in order to be relevant to prospects and customers. Engaging buyers will require each interaction to resonate on an individual level. With content AI Planon can predict their best-performing content for each audience. Next to that, they gain insights in their audience to guide content planning and improve campaign results. Planon is able to focus on data driven decisions, which is the essence of marketing automation. They are able to service their buyers’ needs.


Highlighted Project: We addressed data quality issues to improve marketing’s business impact.

Over the years data quality in Marketo dropped. There were a lot of records with weird characters or an ‘?‘ in it. This happened due to faulty imports and sync issues. Chapman Bright made sure the source of population was addressed. Then we were able to clean up all the thousands of records completely. Only 56 records had to be manually checked by Planon sales.


Marketo best-practices for the software market

Working with marketing automation in the software and hi-tech market is very different than in other markets. Some software companies work with trials. Marketing there is very different. Methodologies also depend on if the software company is offering a new solutions for a new problem, or a new solutions for an existing problem, or an existing solution for an existing problem. Especially with software trials, you want to be able to integrate trial usage data in Marketo to engage with leads throughout the buying process. We have extended expertise in the software market with customers like Trend Micro, Planon, Synack, PinkRoccade, Quintiq, Dassault Systemes, Graydon, LeaseWeb, MCS Solutions, Unit4, and other (security) software companies which wish to remain anonymous for security reasons. Though we can get you in contact with those companies on request.

While almost every big B2C organization is using artificial intelligence to increase purchases, we see limited use of predictive personalization in B2B. The benefits are clear: meeting the buyers needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier and, consequently, increasing pipeline.

How can we move from basic personalization based on field insertion and segmentation to predictive personalization? All to create a more engaged buyer?

Follow Planon’s road to personalization; we will go through the use of Artificial Intelligence in web and email, Real Time Personalization, Ad Bridge and interest scoring.


Planon's Road To Predictive Personalization

Learn how to mature to predictive personalization with Marketo. Planon presented their best-practices at our Marketo Tips Sessions in London.


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