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Chapman Bright as an Adobe partner

Expanding both our businesses by creating value for clients

Important to know is that Chapman Bright only offers Adobe solution services and no other competing solutions. Historically we’re the number one Marketo Engage focused agency in Europe. The agency with the most highly certified staff and more important is that we have the most satisfied customers in Europe. This is all due to our mission and core values, which will be explained further down this page. Next to being leading experts, with a proven track record, in driving business value with Marketo Engage, we are also expanding our expertise in Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Platform, and CDP.

It can sometimes be difficult to make it tangible to prospects how their challenges can be addressed with a platform like Marketo Engage. We can guide them, help them identify their use cases and show them what the possibilities are. We do this from experience and backed up with many dozens of customer stories. When a potential customer is considering his options and finally ends up at Adobe, we can help them to make the right decision for them. How do we do this?

Our way of working

We believe that you can only be the best at something when you focus. By focusing, you are able to handle a broad spectrum. This has to do with scalability. By identifying what works and making it scalable to other situations, you ensure that you can replicate success. This is exactly what we do. As a company, we focus primarily on the use of Marketo Engage. Because marketing automation and CRM are the left and right heart chambers of the commercial organization. They provide the nutrions to the other organs to make the body function. By having this focus on marketing automation we can work with a broad range of different companies. From large corporations (enterprise), to small businesses (commercial).

When a company is considering to buy a Marketo Engage license, we can show them how it will benefit their business. We do this by identifying several use cases in a workshop and showing them examples of similar work we did for many of our other clients. This will make it more clear to potential Marketo Engage users what the platform will offer them and what exactly they can do with it. The possibilities are endless, so some customers might need some guidance in showing them what it would look like in practice. We noticed that many prospects have a very limited scope on what they think could be a business case for marketing automation. We expand their horizon and introduce them to the real potential of marketing automation.

Let’s imagine, an enterprise is considering to use Marketing Automation to improve their business. They did a lot of research on the different platforms available, and they are doubting between Adobe’s Maketo Engage and another platform. They contact Adobe, but they have a lot of questions. Let’s say they currently use email automation (e.g. MailChimp), but their audience is getting more and more complex, which is why they are missing opportunities. They want to know how Marketo Engage will improve that. They also have very long sales cycles because of their complex buyer group, and want to know how Marketo Engage could reduce the length of those sales cycles. If they get stuck on technical or business issues in this consideration, we can guide them and show them what the possibilities are. Adobe often reaches out to us to help them sell the Adobe solutions to a prospect, as we can inspire and provide so many real-world anecdotes from previous similar work. This resulted in collaborating in many great deals (e.g. DHL).

We will define the use cases that will contribute to the business case. We can help them with both technical and business aspects, because we got the right experience and knowledge to do so.

Satisfied Customers

Not only do we collaborate in bringing in new logos, we also welcome many new customers that are already using Marketo Engage. Many Marketo users have been deeply disappointed with their Marketo Engage implementations by opportunistic agencies, which simply unpack the box and then focus on retainer work for campaigns. We don’t do campaign work (e.g. text writing, design, visuals, etc.). We only do hardcore revenue growth consulting. And only with Adobe solutions! We’ve done this for dozens and dozens of customers. All are highly satisfied with our work, which has everything to do with our mission and core values. Our all-time CSAT is 8,7 out of 10. The more recently our average CSAT is 9+.

Our current customer base consists of a wide variety of different companies. Our most important verticals are: manufacturing, ecommerce, utilities, software, and professional- and financial services. We see potential growth in the education and health sector. We do some B2C, but mostly have a B2B, B2B2C, or B2E focus. The thing we excel in is the world of the considered purchase. Some examples of the customers we work with are:

As mentioned, we have been working with a large variety of companies in different areas. This case study is an example of one of our clients: Portbase. We’ve helped Portbase implement Marketo Engage while they were facing different challenges. The implementation helped them in many ways, which lead them to apply working with Marketo structurally in their marketing strategy while we support them.

If you want to read more about our customers and what we’ve done for them, take a look at our customer stories.



Portbase - How the implementation of Marketo Engage contributed to the improvement of marketing efficiency and productivity

Learn about how the implementation of Marketo Engage helped Portbase launch an urgent campaign and contribute to their business goals


What our expertise can mean for you

We are a specialized agency. This means that, as mentioned, we purely focus on working with Adobe solutions. Especially with Marketo Engage. This means that we are well known for covering every aspect of Marketing Automation, lead management, sales alignment, and all things Marketo Engage. From implementations to data management. We also have extensive experience with the various integrations that are possible. But our knowledge goes beyond that. We also see the value in identifying business cases by defining key use cases. In a process where a potential customer is considering Marketing Automation, it can be very important to help them identify these use cases.

Blog: How to create value with automation

Explore the marketing automation use cases for the Energy market


Explore the marketing automation use cases for Software & Hitech.

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Explore the marketing automation use cases for Prof. Services.

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Explore the marketing automation use cases for e-Commerce.

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Explore the marketing automation use cases for Logistics.


Explore the marketing automation use cases for Manufacturing.

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In addition to our usual work with customers, we also help Adobe in improving and developing new products and features. For example, we’ve been involved in setting up the alpha version of Adobe’s Dynamic Chat. We, and two of our clients, were the first three live worldwide. We even created models and templates, which Adobe uses to sell the solution and help make customers succesful. Our consultants are also very active in the Marketo Engage community. For instance, one of our Senior Consultants is at level 10 support in the Community (and one of 4 official Community Advisors and Subject Matter Expert). Our founder Diederik Martens is a 6 times alumni Marketo Champion. This makes him one of only 6 people in the world who made it to that top-50 that many times. His book “Marketing Automation Untangled” is considered as a must read for anyone who want to become succesfull with marketing automation. But most important, everyone at Chapman Bright (nearly all Marketo Certified Solution Consultants) actively contributes to the dissemination of knowledge in the market. One method is our 1-2 year MarTech Academy to train marketing automation staff of the future to make sure there’s enough expertise in the market for customers to employ

After many years of understanding what works and what doesn’t, we’ve developed a best practice methodology. A repeatable recipe for succesfully creating business value with MarTech. Go to to read more.

Examples of events we hosted with/for Adobe

We often present cases. E.g. Co-presented the DHL customer case.

Marketo User Group
2022-08-25 - Marketo USer Group Meeting Adyen Amsterdam

We organized extra B2B and Marketo specific sessions the afternoon before the Adobe Summit.

Adobe PreSummit

Every November we host our MarTech Fanatics Forum with many cases and very practical take-aways

MarTech Fanatics Forum

Important to know about us

Chapman bright is a niche consultancy agency in the field of Marketing Automation and Technology. We focus on companies’ personal success in driving business growth through MarTech and enable leadership with the right technologies, processes, and insights. We provide marketing and sales practitioners with the rights skills to get the most out of their platforms. Our core values are:

For your personal success

We make a big deal out of helping others succeed. It might sound unexpected as consultants, but we actually share our knowledge and experience with others. We want our customers and colleagues to grow. E.g. Only if someone knows how to work with Marketo, we help them better leverage the platform. We might just be the only agency that doesn’t have targets on billability. We don’t want our consultants to spend hours that don’t create value for the customer to meet their target. We have targets on customer satisfaction instead. Staying true to the longterm mission of creating value for satisfied customers will eventually result much more profit and customer satisfaction than thinking about selling a few useless extra hours this month.

Stretching the Limits

We go to great lengths to achieve success. This applies to helping our customers grow their business., but it also applies to gaining knowledge and expertise for ourselves. All of us at Chapman Bright frequently participate in key international events. This way we stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and best-practices in MarTech.


We are transparent. We are to the point. And we say what we mean. We have an open culture and share information with each other. We make sure our work for customers is properly documented and handed over to the customer. We can only help a customer innovate and take the next step if they first comprehend and own the current step

What we can do for you at Adobe

To summarize, as a partner we can offer Adobe various possibilities.

  • We can collaborate on winning new customers, given the fact that we work with Adobe solutions (e.g. Marketo Engage);
  • With our track record and experience, we can guide potential clients in identifying relevant use cases, contributing to their business case
  • We can help (potential) customers with setting up the platform for them and making to most use out of it by following best practices;
  • We can host events, which Adob can sponsor, in which we can connect our highly satisfied customers with our joint prospects;
  • Involvement in projects (e.g. work together with Adobe Professional Services);
  • With our expertise, help Adobe brainstorm on, and develop new features regarding (e.g. especially for Marketo Engage);.
  • We have a large collection of customer stories and case studies from different industries. All from highly satisfied and successful customers;
  • We have several recognized thought leaders that can be leveraged (e.g. speak at events, create content, etc.)
  • And maybe more?

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